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A Mother’s Promise

lovely poem

Written Words Never Die

Careful what you ask your mother…she might just let you have it…

A parent’s love …


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Brothers Grinn – Cover Reveal.

its a pity that the taxpayer is not reimbursed for all the members of parliament who put their family members on the payroll but they have another full time job and do not do any work for the Goverment or the MP.They have got away with this for years when will it be stopped,maybe when UKIP take over.

this makes me happy

yes you are right

got speech?

Interested in politics? Here’s a few little things to keep in mind to make your participation better for everyone.

1.   Everyone is lying to you. And when I say “everyone,” I mean everyone. Including, no especially, your own party. Why would your own party lie to you? Because you will believe them.

2.   Before you forward that outrageous email, go on a tirade at Thanksgiving, etc., ask yourself “Really? Is this really true?” Then go back and review Rule #1. No, FEMA is not putting people in “man camps.” That was a hoax. No, Sarah Palin never actually said “I can see Russia from my house.” That was SNL.

3.   Everyone wants your money. That’s one of the primary reasons they lie to you. If you believe that “the other side” is doing some really crazy, outrageous stuff (which they generally aren’t, see Rule #1), you might even cough…

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just made a carrot cake,

have just checked the internet,and I cant find many genuine competitions,

please if anyone knows of any please let me know.I have spent days doing comps and at the end of all of them I had to fill in offers what a fiddle,does anyone ever win.I will carry on looking I know tesco has some genuine ones,and morrisons but not many Supermarkets we need competitions. We are sick of paying a fortune for magazines that let us do competitions and then we never win,except for most of the Homes magazines they are genuine.

will carry on looking speak later.

you want to go to stumbleupon.com some of the pictures are fantastic and well worth seeing

New Domains for You and .me

New Domains for You and .me.

beware of phone calls pretending to be fron e on telling you that you can save money on a device you plug in they want your bank details,there is no device that saves electric,but e on can give you a device that tells you how much electric you are using and it is free,please tell all the elderly people you know not to give bank details to anyone,it is a scam,no decent firm will ask for bank details.