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As I came up behind her I quickly took one last look at that
long black hair, heart shaped face and sensuous body.  This would be one of the last times I heard
her voice, tasted her fragrance or gazed upon that wonderland.   she will
disappear from this country and from my heart.

I found out that Laura is cheating with my best friend.  The scenario has run through my mind a dozen
times, Laura and Tony making love.  I am
so angry that it has consumed my entire body.
The first thing that crossed my mind was to kill them and make the
bodies disappear.  The more I thought the
worse the punishment got.  I needed to
think rationally and find a foolproof plan so suspicion would not come knocking
at my door. I knew just the person to help me and for the right price he would
be available.

I really hated going to that side of town.  My skin crawled at every turn, not a place
for the faint of heart.  We met in a dark
pub even worse on the inside than out.
He knew why I was there and our plan took shape quickly.  He’s a professional and would not leave lose
ends for me to get tangled in.  I paid
him half now and half when the mission is completed.  I left first and he later so we would not be
seen together by the CCTV.

I’m feeling better now; soon I will have my revenge.  My emotions are settling and I can deal with
seeing her at home.  Her silhouette
crosses the bedroom window as I approach the house. That beautiful, beautiful
woman that I once adored.  How my friends
envied me and told me how lucky I was.  I
must not show any signs of what the future holds for her.

“Hello darling, how was your day?” I asked.  Innocently she smiled at me, not knowing I
had paid a visit to a certain country hotel where she and Tony were having a
shag fest.  “I went for a long drive in
the country and soaked up the views, very relaxing you know. How was yours?”
“Met an old friend for drinks and talked about a business venture in
Spain.  I need to go down there for a few
days later this week; any problem with my leaving?”  “No no, I understand about these business
dealings of yours.  If I’m not home when
you get back call me on my mobile.”
“Will do,” I said.  She got into
bed and I followed shortly.  I felt so
betrayed I could not sleep.  I kept
thinking of all I had done for her and Tony.
I gave her a job so she could get a work visa.  I made her an insurance investigator, she was
a natural.  Well respected by her peers
she could sniff out fraud like a dog to a bone.
The latter was to be her downfall.

Two days later I packed my bags and headed for the airport, or
so I told Laura.  Once out of town I
pulled over and tugged my mobile out of my back pocket.  I phoned my contact to assure that everything
was in place for tonight.  All was going
according to schedule and the job would be completed as agreed.  I laid back in my car seat and let the warm
air from the heater waft over me.  I felt
satisfied, at last they would know the hurt and anguish their infidelity has
caused me.  I sat myself up and pulled
back on the motorway heading to our meeting place, Tony and Laura’s love

He was already there with his men, fake ID’s, handcuffs and
everything else essential to pulling this off.
I watched them sneak up to the hotel door.  “Bam, bam, bam” on the door, “Immigration,
open up!” he shouted.  Tony opened the door
and was immediately surrounded by men in dark suits sporting hand cuffs and
official looking ID’s and papers.  Two
big gorillas entered the room and took Laura, dressed only in a negligee, and
handcuffed her before dragging her out too.
“Ms Laura Patel and Mr Tony Jackson, you are being deported for violating
your visa restrictions and will be held in jail until arrangements can be made
for your departure. You will be sent back to the poverty stricken, war torn
country you came from never to darken our British shores again.”  I could see the panic in their faces and
relished every minute of it.  The men
were very efficient and soon had them blindfolded and seated in a waiting van
with no windows.  I waited till they were
out of sight and then finished my trip to the airport.  A few days in the sun would do me good and I
did deserve a holiday.

Two days later I got the call.   They were gone, seen off at the airport by
“friends”, returning to the country I tried to help them get away from.  Homesick I guess or so I will tell my