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swimming with alligators

my trip to florida was wonderfull,the sun was bright and the water in the pond was very enticing,
I couldnt resist going in,slipping off my shorts I jumped in heading for the nearest log.suddenly the log moved I couldnt believe it, slowly coming towards me was a large log with eyes,thinking the sun had got to me I laughed to myself and happily tried to jump on the moving log,hearing a shout I saw a man running towards the pond saying get out,your in danger,thats a alligator, turning round I just laughed at him thinking he was maybe a bit drunk. then I saw what looked like big teeth,and the log opened its mouth.oh my god I thought its hungry.I was very scared and couldnt move with fright, yes you actually freeze,when your that scared. but I knew I had to move and fast,so I kicked out and started swimming as the monster tried to get me.kicking out I hit him on his nose with my feet and managed to swim to the edge and the man helped me get out.i can tell you that was the last time I swam in any pond in florida.but my adventures with floridas animals have been wonderfull,dolphins,turtles,and eagles. and little animals that knock on the door for scraps.in my next blog we will look at florida and the sea.